January 2015

January 10, 2015 week in pictures

This week teachers and students returned to Oak Lane after a nice long respite. We welcomed some new faces as well.
Madeline in the Chipmunk room and her younger brother Waylon in the Butterflies room.









The Butterflies also welcomed Daniel to their room.










Oak Lane so it’s first real snow of the season which the Owls, Chipmunks and Bear Cubs got to enjoy.

Thank you Parents for remembering the snow gear. As a result the children all had a blast in the super cold snow. Sadly not the best snow for making snowmen but the Owls are hopeful for another snow so they can build their outdoor snowman.

Here are pictures of our snowy week

making snow angels

making snow angels















































































January 17, 2015 week in Pictures


Oak Lane welcomes more new friends this week.

Olivia in the Owl room and her brother Dylan who is in the Bear cub room….








and Hazel who is a butterfly.







The Owls made an outdoor snowman this week so they could observe how he would behave in this very cold weather. As of Friday he had survived the week and we are anxious to see if he’s still there ,on the porch ,on Monday. They also made bird feedersĀ  which we hung up near the porch.







The Butterflies had their first experience with shaving creme this week.

Some enjoyed it









Some did not









It was too cold to go out for more than walks this week but we did play upstairs and enjoyed Miss Amy and Jitterbugs on Friday.

Here is our week in pictures








































































January 25 week in pictures


This week at Oak Lane Sam in the Chipmunk room celebrated his 3rd birthday. Sam has been at Oak lane since he was a baby and his mommy is Teacher Nicole at Lower School Primary circle where Sam’s older sister Caroline attends. Happy Birthday Sam.