March 2015

March 8 Week in pictures

Super short week this week at Oak lane. The best part of March snow is it doesn’t usually stick around for long. By next week we could be in the 50’s and have a very muddy playground.

Not many photos this week.


































































March 14 week in pictures


There was a lot of catching up to do this week at Oak Lane. The previous weeks snow days really upset many schedules. Thank you to all you parents who came out for conferences this week. The Owl Parents were officially scheduled but the Chipmunks and Bear Cubs had many make up conferences as well. Parent teacher communication is so very important to us. We appreciate the chance to really touch base on the children’s progress.


The Owl room had their make up Royal Luncheon on Friday which was rescheduled from last Friday and nice way to wrap up Fairy tale/Transportation week this week. We were short one Princess who couldn’t make it but she was there in spirit.

Princess Olivia

Princess Olivia

Queen Lillian, Matteo, King Easton, King Joseph, Sir Matthew

































We also had a visit from Jitterbugs music on Friday

































































































































March 22nd week in pictures


It’s been quiet around Oak Lane due to Westtown School being on Spring break for 2 weeks. Apparently  Mother Nature was not informed that it was SPRING break and the first day of Spring on Friday as she decided to dump more snow on us.  However the children were able to get outside this week and use our playground and the Lower School playground for the first time in months.

March has brought us some birthdays to the baby room. On Thursday March 19 Waylon and August both turned 1 years old and on March 11 Leo  E. also turned 1.




Leo E.










Dylan from the Bear cub room turned 2 on Friday  March 20th and this upcoming week Calen in the Chipmunk room turns 3 on March 24th.










































Fire Drill

Fire Drill

Fire Drill

Fire Drill
































































March 29, 2015 week in pictures


It was another quiet week at Oak Lane. Next week Westtown School is back from Spring Break and we will welcome back many faculty children who had a nice 2 week break. Oak lane’s Easter break starts on Friday till Easter Monday.

Calen in the chipmunk room celebrated a birthday this week. He turned 3 on March 24th. Calen has been at Oak lane since he was a baby.









March is National Nutritional Month and this week the Bear cubs and the Owls learned about eating healthy food. On Thursday they had a veggie tasting snack which was enjoyed by most. All of the Owls did in fact try everything offered. The bear cubs were not as adventurous.