April 2015

April 5th 2015 week in pictures

Spring has finally come to Oak Lane. This week was the annual Oak lane Easter  Hunt . The Bear cubs, Chipmunks and Owls all hunted for eggs on they playground. Thank you to parents who donated eggs. All were able to  find and take home some Easter eggs filled with goodies.






















































On Thursday all classes dyed Easter eggs.














































On Wednesday this week the Owls meet their Book Buddies. Teacher Abby’s middle school class team up with Teacher Nicole Primary circle class and the PreK Owls for a unique and fun activity. Each middle school- er gets a younger buddy and together they write a book . This is Oak Lanes 4th year participating. On Wednesday both groups got together to play a game and get to know each other.



























April 12th week in pictures

Lots going on this short  4 day week at Oak Lane.

We welcomed a new friend in the Butterflies room. His name is Charlie.









Emma from the Bear Cub room turned 2 this week. This also marks her second year at Oak lane.










The Bear cubs had a lot of fun getting their hands messy this week exploring  science activities.
































The Owls planted seeds for the flower box, made rain in a jar and had a visit from their middle school book buddies

























Tired butterflies who feel asleep at lunchtime this week were Meher and Leo E.

























































April 19th Week in pictures

Spring is very much here at Oak lane. The flowers are coming up and the trees are ready to pop.

Leo in the bear cub room celebrated his 2nd birthday this week. He has been with us since he was a baby. His older brother Matteo is in the Owl room and his mommy Teacher Megan teaches Middle school. Happy Birthday Leo










The Chipmunks  are making their way through the alphabet this year and this week the letter of the week was V.  The made a volcano that erupted using baking soda and Vinegar.
















The Owls learned about the Farm this week and on Thursday walked over to see Pete’s Produce’s farm which is part of Westtown. Their favorite part of the walk was seeing the pile of “stinky food” better known as a composite pile. Sadly we did not see the chickens but we did hear them. There will no doubt be more walks to Pete’s with the rest of the school so we’ll have to stop by the chicken coop again on a future visit to get a glimpse of them.











































































































April 26th week in pictures


Oak Lane had two exciting events this week. On Earth Day Wednesday April 22nd all groups except the butterflies celebrated by walking to Pete’s Produce which not so coincidentally was opening  day for Pete. We even ran into him on our walk over driving his truck. It was a beautiful day for a walk. We sampled some complimentary snacks while we were there and on the way back stopped by to see the chickens but they were still not out yet.

























































































On Friday Oak lane celebrated the second annual White party with the Chipmunks whose letter this week was W.