May 2015

May 3rd week in pictures

The exciting events this week at Oak lane were a walk to see the Westtown lake which is currently going under some major construction. It’s being drained at the moment and while we were there we learned that over 400 turtles which had lived in the lake were removed and found better homes. The lake overhaul will be going on all summer so we won’t be able to walk around it this year like we usually do but we can walk down and check on the progress.



























We also had a visit from Jitterbugs music this week














































May 10th week in Pictures

Happy Mother’s day!

We thought Spring was here but summer seems to be creeping in a bit early. It did give us a chance for some outdoor fun.

The Chipmunks ate lunch outside this week at the picnic table.







Also this week the seeds that the owls planted in cups back in April have sprouted nicely and were ready to be transplanted into the flower planter at our front door. We planted Marigolds and Cosmos  flowers along with the dwarf sunflowers that we got complimentary from Pete’s produce on opening day.











On Tuesday May 5th Oak Lane celebrated Cinco de mayo buy having some Pinata fun. The Bear cubs, chipmunks and Owls all had a turn trying to break the Pinata






































May 17th week in Pictures


Oak Lanes youngest class seems to have been missing from the weekly pictures so I thought this week we’d devote some space to the Butterfly class

This is the butterflies  enjoying some music ,which they love, this week.























































And another trip to what’s left of Westtown lake


























May 31, 2015 week in pictures


The Oak Lane school year is winding down quickly. Westtown School finishes their school year this week which means through the month of June many friends will be leaving us for the summer.

The Oak Lane school picnic is scheduled for Thursday June 11th which is a fun end of the year get together for all the Oak Lane families. Sadly it always seems to rain but we’re holding out hope for nice weather.

This week the Owls had their own end of the year picnic. Just the Owls outside on a blanket for lunch. It was a nice laid back event that they all enjoyed and it didn’t rain 🙂

























The owls also did an experiment with ants. We put a plate of different foods outside to see which food the ants would like best.

The preferred Jelly, Peanut butter , ketchup and of course..nutella









Oak Lane also had a visit from Jitterbugs Music on Friday which is always a fun time.