Annual Giving Fund

Dear Friends and Families of Oak Lane,

One of the greatest joys for parents is when your child does not want to leave school. As Oak Lane Day Care parents, many of you have experienced the same thing, whether it was with your children 20 years ago or just last year. It is thanks to the loving and play centered environment at Oak Lane Day Care.

As you know and appreciate, Oak Lane Day Care is a small non-profit organization that provides loving, quality childcare and education for children ages 6 weeks to four years old. Situated on the campus of the Westtown School, Oak Lane offers a vibrant, play-centered environment where young children are encouraged to use their creativity and imaginations every single day.

Oak Lane continues into its 26th year to nurture and mold our littlest ones into curious, kind, and vibrant preschoolers. Its dedicated staff continue to keep alive the values that make Oak Lane so special, while working to better our children’s home away from home.

Tuition covers only a portion of the operating expenses of Oak Lane. The center relies on gifts to the Annual Fund to cover its expenses, as well as to fund special projects. It is our hope that you will support the continued effort at Oak Lane to provide children with a cozy, safe and caring home away from home, by making a donation to the Annual Fund Drive. Your tax-deductible gift of any amount will be appreciated and will benefit the children served by Oak Lane.

Thank you for considering a gift to Oak Lane Day Care, and for your continued support of this 24-year old child-centered program serving families in the West Chester community. Please, support this special place. Every gift, no matter the amount, has a significant impact, and the children are the ultimate beneficiaries of your generosity. We greatly appreciate your tax deductible donations in the form of either a check (made out to Oak Lane Day Care) or an electronic donation at this link: Please Donate.

With gratitude,
The Oak Lane Board of Advisors