The Bear Cubs ~ Young Toddlers

The Bear Cubs with Teacher Julia and Teacher Nikki

March with the bear cubs

While the first week of March felt like the first week of winter. The cubs celebrated the imagination of Dr. Seuss. Although we were only in school for two days. The bear cubs enjoyed the readings of Mr. brown can you moo? As well as One fish Two fish red fish blue fish. The cubs did a sound activity with the musical instruments by repeating/ following the sounds their friends or teachers made. For art-time the bear cubs recreated their very own fishbowl with red fish blue fish. As the first week of Spring came upon us the bear cubs celebrates by making beautiful daffodils and Popsicle airplanes. Some all time favorite song were sung as well including, “Five little speckled frogs” and “Let’s go fly a kite”. Another great week the cubs were thoroughly engaged in was Nutrition week. This lesson plan was packed with yummy but healthy treats, and vivid colors with the help of the world famous book. The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Some of the cubs made their very own hungry caterpillar with all the healthy food, that was consumed. The closing week of March was a short but sweet one. Easter came early this year and the cubs dyed eggs, went on a hunt and even did some classic chicken dancing.



The Bear Cubs with Teacher Julia and Teacher Nikki

February with the bear cubs
After learning our numbers and colors earlier in the school year. The bear cubs learned about numbers. They counted toys, friends, and sometimes delicious snacks. They also enjoyed singing songs like 5 little ducks,and their all time favorite 5 little pumpkins
The second week theme was Love Week. With Valentine day being on a weekend they had all week to express how much they loved their parents friends and teachers. They made love big art, decorated their V-Day boxes and made a special love gift for parents.
The third week entailed Presidents Week. Although it was a short week due to the weather. They were engaged with their Abe Lincoln handprints and George Washington paper plate masks. And the song Yankee Doodle. So much fun!
The closing week of February was Dinosaur week. This by far had to be the most engaging receptive week. They stomped around made dino tracks with the toy dinos. Made dino eggs even choose which ones they wanted. Learned two new songs “Stomp, Stomp, Stomp Around.” and “5 little dinosaurs.” Laughed and giggled at the silly dinosaurs books that were read throughout the week.


Art Projects





















December in the Bear Cubs room


Art Projects



























































































November in the Bear Cubs room


The cubs did three units in November all with a Thanksgiving theme

Indians ( Native Americans), Pilgrims and Turkeys.

The dressed as Native Americans for the annual Thanksgiving feast.

Songs they sang

I’m a little Indian                               Hello Mr. Turkey how are you

Turkey is a funny bird                       5 turkeys on a gate

1 little, 2 little 3 little pilgrims          and of course their good morning song


Cub art work this month






























































































October in the Bear Cub room

The bear cubs used all of their senses quite often this month
There were many opportunities to feel with their hands and even their feet
The tasted green eggs and ham and pumpkin bread
They smelled the many smells at the lake, Pete’s produce and all around campus
The listened to music at jitterbugs and sang songs at circle time
And they used their eyes to see each other as well as their favorite teachers.
Their units this month were Pumpkins, Farms, Fire prevention and Halloween.

They also finished learning their colors by concentrating on green, blue and purple.

They also helped paint and carve a pumpkin , sang about the 5 little pumpkins and Hurry hurry firetruck!


Bear art work this month.


























The Bear cubs got messy this month





































































September in the Bear Cub room


The Bear Cubs were very busy this month.They started the month getting to know each other as well as their teachers.

They learned about the colors Yellow, Red and Orange as well as The season of fall and trees.

They also enjoyed a week of music playing with musical instruments and listening to various types of music.

They sang songs

The rainbow song

The Hello song which they sing every morning

Apples and Bananas

The green grass grows all around

The days of the week.

They also working on a special project for the Auction.


Bear Cub Art Work







































































Bear Cubs Daily Schedule

7:00-9:00 Friends arrive group Play
9:00-9:15 Clean Up
9:15-9:30 Morning meeting/circle time
9:35-10:00 Wash hands/Snack
10:00-11:00 Enrichment
10:50 11:00- Diaper change/Bathroom
11-00-12:00 Outdoor Play time
12:15-12:45 Lunch
12:45-1:00 Diaper change/Bathroom
1:00-3:00 Nap Time
3:00-3:15 Snack
3:15-3:30 Book Center/Bathroom Time
3:30- 4:00 Group Play/Story Time
4:00-6:00 Outdoor Play time/Upstairs play time