September 2014

September 6 2014-Back to School

It was a great first week of school at Oak lane.

Everyone was glad to be back in our routine.  We welcomed many new faces including new teachers and students as well as old friends.

Here are some highlights of our week.











September 12, 2014~ Special visitor on the playground

On Friday we had another visit from a toad on the big kids side of the playground. The children have found them quite often  in the summer and love to carry them around in a bucket. This toad was found jointly by Julia  of the Chipmunks and Lillian of the Owls. The girls generously shared the toad with their friends and then let it go before we headed inside for lunch.

Here are some photos of the Toad and more of our  week at Oak Lane.













September 19, 2014 The week in Photos


Cora in the Bear Cub room turned 2 this week. Cora has been at Oak lane since she was a baby. Her mommy teaches at Middle School and her big sister Mckenna,  who is an Oak Lane alumni , attends Lower school. Happy Birthday Cora!



Here’s some photos of our week at Oak Lane









 September 26, 2014 Jitterbugs music and a walk to Pete’s Produce


Miss Amy from Jitterbugs  Jitterbugs Music

made her monthly visit Friday.




Parachute Fun!!




Also on Friday the Bear Cubs, The Chipmunks and the Owls all walked to Pets’s Produce.