The Owls ~ 4 year olds

 4 year old program….The Owls

With Teacher Suzanne




















Art Projects


Peace on Earth


















Friendship quilt                                                                   Mr Potato head senses

















Pajama Day January 30, 2015















Circle Time on nap mats












Art Work from January











Indoor snowman

Indoor snowman









Outdoor snowman Jan 5

Outdoor snowman Jan 5

Outdoor snowman Jan 12

Outdoor snowman Jan 12












Dinosaur week

Dino fossils

Dino fossils
























The Owls ready for the Christmas show.


















Here are some highlights and Artwork from December















Easton’s Christmas lights

Lillian’s Christmas lights

Matteo's Christmas lights

Matt’s Christmas lights







Matteo's Christmas lights

Matteo’s Christmas lights



Joseph's Christmas lights

Joseph’s Christmas lights




































































































The owls Dressed as Turkeys for the Oak Lane Thanksgiving feast.



















Here are some highlights and Artwork from November


The Mayflower                                         Turkeys                                                       Indian Corn and Native American Tee pees













The Class Turkey and Turkey hats we wore to the feast




































































































Here are some highlights and artwork of October









Leaf Mobiles                                                                                  Leave Prints









Fall Trees and X-rays of our arms









Mummy’s                                                                           Witches











Fire Fighters Matt and Matteo                                        Firefighters Joe, Lillian and Easton

















































































Here are some highlights and artwork of September

Owls and Apple Trees                                                                    Owl Hand prints









Shape Mobiles                                                                                   Painting with apples







Walking the campus










Making shapes










Apple tasting                                                                           Pete’s produce walk                                                                   Easton-The Sheriff











Painting for the Auction                                                                                                                                                          Tea Party




















Daily morning schedule looks something like this
7:00-8:45 Friends arrive free play in busy bee room
8:00 Teacher Suzanne Arrives Owl’s go to our room free play till morning meeting
9:15 Morning meeting
9:35 wash hands/Snack. After snack friends find their name on table and put it in the attendance cup then get a book to read on the carpet till all friends are finished snack hopefully ( owls get very chatty sometimes) by 9:50

Circle time which consists of Calendar, Weather chart, Jobs, Songs, Story, word time with squawker on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and weekly theme discussion.
10:20-ish Project for the day. Art projects, Handwriting-science-math
11:20 ish set our nap time blankets on mats before we go outside
11-25-12:20 outside
12:25 lunch
1:00 story
1:15-3:00 Nap/Quiet Activities