Afternoons at Oak Lane

After a busy morning at Oak Lane, our kiddos are tuckered out. We go dark at 1pm — lights out, soothing music, mats on the carpeted areas with sheets and blankets (babies in cribs, of course). We tuck our little ones in, wish them a good nap, rub backs as requested, and settle in for a much-needed two-hour rest time. Most of the children sleep (especially after a long walk to Pete’s Produce Farm!). Those who don’t sleep rest for a while then read books.

At 3pm, the music is turned off, the lights go on, and we gently awaken the children who are still sleeping. Snack time is next, then diaper changes/toileting and yet another round of hand-washing. After that, we’ll often go outside to the playground for a while (we stay close to the daycare in the afternoon so that parents can find us at pick-up time). After some time outdoors, we’ll have activity time inside. As children leave for the day, the remaining kiddos combine into mixed-age groups. The late afternoon is a favorite time of day for siblings to spend with each other.

Oak Lane closes at 5:30pm. The last hour of the day, we might have a spontaneous music time, spread out and roll on the floor, create an obstacle course, or finish up a group construction project with blocks or trains. Then we clean up and go home to tell our families about our day at Oak Lane!