Silly? Or simply child-like?

Posted By on Aug 21, 2019 |

Yesterday, a preschooler told me I was silly. As a matter of fact, the whole class agreed, giggling at me, or, more precisely, at an adult’s attempt to act like a monster. On the flip side, the toddlers giggled along with me as I encouraged them to climb up my back and then asked “Where did you go? I can’t see you!” They were delighted to experience an adult rolling on the floor with them and asking silly questions that only they could answer.

So, somewhere between two and five years old, apparently there’s a development of the belief “Adults shouldn’t play.” Even if the adult is an early childhood teacher. And, somewhere between five years old and fifty-something, we stop playing. That’s so sad.

About twenty years ago, I helped a friend with a “Kindergarten for Adults” program. No lie, this was popular for a while as a stress-reliever for combating the anxiety that went along with using then-new technology and all of a sudden being on call for work 24/7. Google it — this is still a thing. A couple of hours of easel-painting, block-building, play-dough, story-time, and a sing-along, along with some cookies and milk, will do wonders to relax a busy, stressed-out adult. If he/she can find the time, that is.

We are blessed to have all the time in the world at Oak Lane. Time to play, giggle, and be silly. Regardless of our age.