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So, I’m still reflecting on the thought of a daycare as home. I’m actually kind of entranced at the thought. Can a school be a home?I recently hired a couple of new teachers. One of the references was so spot on with the description of the person that I emailed a few weeks later to say thank you for the most accurate recommendation I had ever received. The recommender responded that by hiring the teacher, I had made a difference in...

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A home for everyone

Posted By on Feb 28, 2020

One of our parents recently ended an email with this line: Thanks for all you do to create a great home for everyone! Wow. That’s the goal, isn’t it — for everyone to feel at home in this space, not just our kiddos, but our faculty, parents, older/younger siblings, and visitors. People in all walks of life, all ages, ethnicities, genders, etc. Some of our kiddos have what are recognized as ‘special needs’...

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