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So, I’m still reflecting on the thought of a daycare as home. I’m actually kind of entranced at the thought. Can a school be a home?I recently hired a couple of new teachers. One of the references was so spot on with the description of the person that I emailed a few weeks later to say thank you for the most accurate recommendation I had ever received. The recommender responded that by hiring the teacher, I had made a difference in...

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Where is Love?

Posted By on Feb 11, 2020

When I was little, my aunt gave my sister and me a record of the musical “Oliver!”. One of our favorite songs was “Where is Love?”, which comes at the point in the story when the orphaned boy is wondering where he belongs. As I’m reflecting on Valentine’s Day, this song keeps coming back to haunt me.Maybe because I’m single, the holiday doesn’t have much of a romantic connotation for me....

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