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So, one of last week’s forts has evolved into a cozy corner in our toddler room, complete with a low-to-the-ground futon covered with an Elmo sheet. (For some reason, our kiddos love Elmo! They don’t seem to identify as much with the other characters, but they are excited to see Elmo every time he shows up in a book or on a t-shirt. Or a sheet.) Our teachers used the fairy lights they put up last week and transformed the...

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Thankful for Pizza Day!

Posted By on Nov 6, 2019

Wednesday is Pizza Day here at Oak Lane. Our kiddos start announcing it to us and each other long before lunch time: “Today is Pizza Day!!!” Yes, triple exclamation points — that’s how excited they are, every week.This morning, our kiddos came inside after their morning adventure and sniffed the air. “The pizza is here — it smells so good!” (A couple little ones even pointed to their noses to...

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