What’s an adventure?

Posted By on Sep 11, 2019 |

Here’s what I love about kids — everything is an adventure! Living in the moment is so much fun. I had the opportunity to spend the morning with our three-year-olds yesterday and they reminded me that staying open to everyday possibilities is the best adventure of all 더바이블 다운로드.

We headed to the lake on campus. Of course, we had to stop to smell the roses — literally! Being careful of thorns, a few flowers were picked “for mommy” Download detekt 2.0. Then we saw a big green hill, perfect for rolling. Up the hill, down the hill, several times till we were ready to use our feet to walk again. Next — arguably the best part of all — trucks 버추얼 박스 다운로드! On our very own campus! We found a safe spot to sit on the grass to watch the amazing actions of real-live super heroes — our facilities and grounds crew transferring tools from one truck to another, complete with Bobcat, trailer, and excavator 영화 비스트 다운로드. One lovely gentleman even honked the truck’s horn for us. We still hadn’t made it to the lake, but our joy was complete.

We finally made it through the woods to the lake, taking turns carrying the sand toys to play with in the ‘beach’ area 빅 히어로 다운로드. Off came the shoes and socks. Sand birthday cakes with acorn surprises were decorated with stick candles. Hot little feet were buried in the cool sand and then uncovered by a friend bts idol 다운로드. There was a light breeze, the sun was shining, the woods were quiet, and all was right with the world. We even glimpsed the bald eagle that lives on campus, flying over the lake mastercam 2019.

An infant teacher out for a long walk with the babies joined us, and we settled onto the dock for a few minutes of siblings and friends snuggling together, just looking at the beautiful rippling water super robot war t switch. One of the children started to sing the “House at Pooh Corner” song, and then we sang a few others. It was like having a mini-vacation in the middle of the day 안드로이드 저장소 다운로드.

What’s an adventure? Flowers, hills, trucks, woods, sand, bare feet, water, eagles, babies, songs, friends. In other words — absolutely everything hp 프린터 다운로드!