Where is Love?

Posted By on Feb 11, 2020 |

When I was little, my aunt gave my sister and me a record of the musical “Oliver!”. One of our favorite songs was “Where is Love?”, which comes at the point in the story when the orphaned boy is wondering where he belongs 사망진단서 양식 다운로드. As I’m reflecting on Valentine’s Day, this song keeps coming back to haunt me.

Maybe because I’m single, the holiday doesn’t have much of a romantic connotation for me 철권 6 다운로드. I’ve always focused on family, friends, even co-workers and fellow choir members when I count my blessings for all the love in my life. And, this year, our Oak Lane kiddos 구글 스케치업 8 다운로드.

Here’s where love is at Oak Lane.

* In the toddler who notices that a new friend looks a little sad and shares his toy.
* In the preschooler who hugs a friend who has just fallen down 아이작의 구속 확장팩 다운로드.
* In the teacher who mentors a new staff member who is just learning what working at a daycare is like.
* In the office manager who comes to work when she’s sick to help (away from the kids) because she knows how busy I am 콰이강의 다리 다운로드.
* In the parent who makes sure her little one isn’t contagious before bringing her back to school.
* In the clerk of our Board of Advisors who is surprised by a new idea yet works hard to support the discussion of its merits Unique macro download.

For me, love is a decision. Not a feeling. And, it’s not romantic. It’s actually hard work, unselfish work, work that looks out for the best interest of the other person gt works3 64bit 다운로드. Parents know all about that, and so do teachers.

So, in spite of all the little hearts floating around this week, I believe that real love is in our will, not in our hearts jdk 8 다운로드. It’s in our everyday decisions to support one another the best way we know how. I wholeheartedly support celebrating Valentine’s Day at Oak Lane 윈클론 다운로드. Because this is a place where love is given and received — with thought, kindness, and intention — every day.