You end up having more.

Posted By on Sep 18, 2019 |

Yesterday evening, during our Potluck Supper, we shared a meal together with our Oak Lane families. It was a really fun time to celebrate our community, made all the more special by the participation of older brothers and sisters. At the same time, teachers from Westtown Monthly Meeting were preparing their lessons. It was an unexpected opportunity to blend our family-friendly missions and share our space.

Oak Lane is a unique organization. While partnering with Westtown School and Westtown Monthly Meeting, Oak Lane is its own organization. On our Board of Advisors are a few Oak Lane parents, Westtown School teachers, and Westtown Monthly Meeting members. As director, I have a wonderful opportunity to work with and be supported by all of these lovely people who care so much about our day care that they give their time and resources generously.

Sometimes, sharing can be a challenge. Is this shelf/cabinet/closet for the use of the daycare or the Meeting? Who is responsible for the upkeep of the playground/ bathroom/kitchen? The same with our kiddos. Sometimes, it’s so much fun to play with friends, other times they need their own space. Or that particular toy. Or the teacher’s attention, right now. Or the bathroom, urgently. (Having only one adult bathroom, this is a challenge for teachers as well!) Sharing is hard.

Sometimes, sharing is a support, a pleasure. Playing with friends can bring fun surprises and rewards. Last night during our Potluck Supper, one of our toddlers spontaneously tickled another’s back, then they shared a hug. Giving of ourselves and practicing kindness feels really good. Generosity of spirit and resources not only feels good to us, but helps others to feel good. It’s a blessing.

Oak Lane is blessed by the wisdom and care of three organizations partnering with parents to provide the best possible place for our kiddos to learn and grow. We’re blessed to share this beautiful campus and this Meeting House. We’re blessed to share our time and our resources and most especially our light and love with each other. And isn’t that what sharing’s all about?

Our preschool has been learning a new song that sums it all up:
Love is something, when you give it away, give it away, give it away;
Love is something, when you give it away, you end up having more.

Kind of like a Potluck Supper.